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The Apprenticeship
aka Free Slavery
CMM Alumni 
11th-Sep-2006 04:12 pm
AK your ass
An Email from Mr. Selvan:

Hi all,

It's a proud moment for all of us when WE see a CMM cohort graduate each
year. Only recently, we saw our third batch of students graduating.

As our alumni grow in numbers, there's a shared history that evolves along
the way.

I'm sure CMM graduates from the pioneer batch onwards would want to preserve
this sense of belonging to a privileged group.

You would want to maintain links with your fellow CMM peers with whom you
share a common experience and perhaps "culture".

It's both an advantage as a networking platform and an avenue for
camaraderie among the CMM tribe.

In order to formalise this networking, CMM staff would like to invite our
graduates from the different batches to come together to form a CMM alumni

So this an invitation to all of you out there to take the lead in starting
such an association.

I'm proposing to arrange a simple tea session with representatives from the
different batches on one of the following Saturdays at 10 am:

23 Sep 2006
30 Sep 2006
07 Oct 2006

Please let me know if you and your buddies are keen to take  the lead in
this and tell me which dates are convenient for you.

Once I get an indication of the convenient date for most of you.  I'll
arrange for the tea session to be held on campus, (hopefully at our alumni

I hope we will get a positive response to this from our CMM alumni to show
that just like other diploma holders, they are proud to have graduated from
TP with a Diploma in CMM.

Please pass the word around and reply to me asap.  Feel free to contact me
  (Mr Selvan's) HP:  96224838



When can you make it? *points to comment link* you know the drill...
11th-Sep-2006 09:57 am (UTC)
i'm good wif 23rd actually
12th-Sep-2006 01:56 pm (UTC)
30th! No confirmations yet though. I don't even know what members of the CMM alumni's supposed to do man

13th-Sep-2006 01:11 am (UTC)
me neither... haha I think right now, its more of just showing up. lol
18th-Sep-2006 08:27 am (UTC)
Er...so what day are we meeting? I need to know.
22nd-Sep-2006 03:29 pm (UTC)
wHEN IS THE DATE?!? I need to know too!!! hehehe. sorry, I had coffee. YES YES IM PROUD TO BE A CMM-ER! AND IM ALSO PROUD OF THE FRIENDS I MADE! ---CJ
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